ZBS POS has not only the largest and most widely covered credit card processing service, but also has the largest and most professional POS system for restaurants in the southeast. Whether you are catering, SPA, retail, e-commerce, or B2B, ZBS POS can promise you the lowest credit card rate and most suitable POS system. ZBS POS is also committed to providing business services for business clients in all industries, from an in-store POS system to online virtual business store, to credit card payment portals and CCTV surveillance systems, ZBS POS can meet the needs of all entrepreneurs and provide high quality service.

ZBS POS Core Businesses


EMV Merchant Services

ZBS POS is the direct sales office for First Data, which is a global provider of merchant services. We serve the entire United States with a contract free service and the lowest transaction rates. If we cannot save you money, we will pay you $500 dollars.


Retail & Restaurant Solutions

ZBS POS specializes in Restaurant POS systems with features for fine dining, carry out, QSR, fast food, Buffet, Online Order, iPad Self-service. Restaurant and retail POS systems support Chinese and English language packages, it is easy to use operating software, and is a one stop shop for all your business solutions. The POS system can be operated through a touchscreen to provide easy to use operation when ordering items or checking out.


Online Order

ZBS POS provides Restaurant businesses with an Online ordering feature for customers. Through this service we provide free website development. It is compatible for all types of restaurants and can generate a delivery circle to determine which areas qualify for your delivery service.


Security System

ZBS POS provides CCTV surveillance systems that include using an integrated design, storage of video data, storage backup, lens and surveillance control, and remote administration. We provide reliable real-time video access that can be accessed through your cellphone which also has playback features. This provides you with 24 hours coverage of secure monitoring services.

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